Our History

Somali Humanitarian Relief Action was established in 1993 in Luuq District, Somalia with a purpose of addressing community development challenges, health and sanitation initiatives, primary education, food security and child protection. SHRA (Somali Humanitarian Relief Action) is tireless working to reduce community vulnerability and build resilient citizenship among the Somalis living in abject poverty due armed conflicts since 1990.

Founded by Hussein Elmi Noor, Mohamed Mohamud Hassan (Faysal) and others, SHRA has largely worked with local communities in Gedo to improve their social well- being, water and sanitation, building schools, deliver food relief and enhance food security. SHRA has also undertaken successful resettlement programmes for displaced families and extended relief and recovery support for communities making the transition to development. Since inception, SHRA has exercised a preferential option for the poor, responding with action to human suffering in Somalia. Over time, we have seen progress in collaboration with international development agencies in trying to improve the lives Somalis and responding to humanitarian emergencies.

Our Values

Our Beneficiaries

The humanitarian situation in Somalia and South and Central Somalia in particular has become increasingly worrying. The combination of high levels of insecurity, loss of livelihoods due to prolonged and recurrent droughts, reduction in the quality and number of humanitarian services, hunger related high mortality rates especially among the children less than five years and the elderly is quite alarming especially in the last three years.

Our Projects

SHRA has been a UNICEF partner for several years and World vision Somalia partner for over one year. Together, they have implemented life - saving emergency humanitarian services for lDP’s and vulnerable Somali host communities in the provision of safe water, sanitation (WASH) facilities, and hygiene and health services. It has also implemented projects in livelihood through the support from the Somali Diasporas Community. SHRA has been operational in Gedo region since their formations in 1993 and have accumulated knowledge on how to work with different clans, lDP’s, host communities, local authorities and the religious leaders. The following are some of the activities that have been implemented by SHRA.